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11. Online resources for Clipperheads

11.1 Are there any other FAQs for Clipperheads?

Yes. In particular, you will want to check out Peter Tilstead's thorough and outstanding programmer's FAQ for CA-Visual Objects. It's file in Library 2 of VOFORUM on Compuserve.

11.2 What bulletin boards are available for CA-Clipper developers?

A complete list may be found in CLPBBS.ZIP in Library 0.

11.3 What about Compuserve?

Compuserve can still be said to be the central communcation spot of the CA-Clipper and CA-Visual Objects developers' community. 28800bps access costs about USD 4.80 per hour in the United States and Canada, and much more elsewhere. When you join Compuserve, type GO CLIPPER to join the Forum, where Computer Associates staff people and (I mean this very literally) hundreds of other CA-Clipper developers visit every day to check messages, ask questions, and offer help. The CLIPPER forum also carries what must be the largest collection of public domain, shareware, and freeware of interest to CA-Clipper developers.

For more information on joining Compuserve, please call (in the United States) 1-800-848-8980. This is a voice-only number. I will be happy to provide phone numbers or other pointers for non-U.S. users.

11.4 How do I email a Compuserve user from Internet?

Simply replace the comma in the user's Compuserve address with a period, and then append "" to the result. (Therefore you can reach my Compuserve mailbox 73750,3527 as <> from Internet.)

11.5 Is there a mailing list for CA-Clipper users on the Internet or Bitnet? Fidonet? Others?

Yes. You can subscribe by sending the message "SUBSCRIBE CLIPPER Your-Name-Here" to <LISTSERV@BRUFPB> on Bitnet. Send administrative requests to <LISTSERV@BRUFPB> on Bitnet. When you join the mailing list you will be emailed instructions on how to post contributions to the list.

On Fidonet, check the CLIPPER echo.

There is also an active CA-Clipper echo on the cozier but lesser-known GT Power network.

11.6 Are there Usenet newsgroups?

comp.lang.clipper is the major one for Clipper. If you count alt groups, there's also alt.comp.databases.xbase.clipper, but that group has been abandoned by most users.

comp.lang.clipper.visual-objects is for VO.

11.7 What is Client Care?

Client Care is Computer Associates' general customer service bureau. In the United States this is +1 800 531 5236. On Compuserve it is 73303,1046. I do not have the number for voice calls from outside the United States, but you can call the main switchboard at +1 516 342 6000 and ask for Client Care.

11.8 Clipper-related FTP and WWW sites

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