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2. About the FAQs

2.1 Changes to the FAQ in 2.31

From this point on a number of comp.lang.clipper regulars have got together to look after the FAQ and keep it up to date (not that Mark hasn't been doing a sterling job in that department, this is simply an exercise in spreading the workload).

2.2 Major Changes to the FAQ in 2.30

I updated version numbers, verified and read contents of all WWW URLs, and added a few new questions in the "Everything Else" category. I contacted each person who contributed an answer for permission to use the answer and to include his/her name and/or email address.

The WWW version actually validates as HTML4 Transitional since I made some tweaks in the linuxdoc-sgml output. There are even spiffy little navigation buttons at the bottom of each page. (Kewl!)

2.3 Major Changes to the FAQ in 2.20

I am now upping the rev to 2.20 and producing the document with the excellent linuxdoc-sgml package on my Linux system. This makes it easy for me to keep parallel versions of the document in TeX, ASCII, and HTML.

Version 2.20 still isn't very clean: a lot of questions are miscategorized, and I don't have answers for some questions, and the whole thing still needs much more VO stuff. But it is more up to date than before.

2.4 Major Changes to the FAQ up to 2.00

2.5 Things left to do

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