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4. Licensing and use of Clipper and Visual Objects

4.1 We're thinking of leaving the CA-supplied DBU utility on our client's machines for support purposes; we don't want to force themto buy dBase just to clean up a file here and there.Is it legal to do so?

Yes. As long as you don't try to make money selling DBU, you're within the letter and intent of CA's license for DBU.

4.2 My company wants to save money by putting our three CA-Clipper development machines onto a LAN. This way we can buy onecopy of CA-Clipper for the three programmers, right?

Wrong. The CA license allows the product to be used on a network, but there still must be one license for each developer. Specifically, "floating" licenses are not allowed.

4.3 Does CA offer site licenses for CA-Clipper?

Yes. Contact Client Care for details.

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