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 OL_95AppTitle()          Set/get the Windows 95 application title.
 OL_95VMTitle()           Set/get the Windows 95 virtual machine title.
 OL_AutoYield()           Automaticly return times slices back to the OS.
 OL_IsMSWin()             Check to see if we are running under MS-Windows.
 OL_IsNT()                Check to see if we are running under MS-Windows NT.
 OL_IsOS2()               Are we running under OS/2?
 OL_IsOS2Win()            Are we running in a windowed OS/2 Dos session?
 OL_OsVerMaj()            Get the major version of the OS.
 OL_OsVerMin()            Get the minor version of the OS.
 OL_WinCBCopy()           Get text from the MS Windows clipboard.
 OL_WinCBPaste()          Place text into the MS Windows clipboard.
 OL_WinFullScreen()       Force a DOS window into full screen mode.
 OL_Yield()               Return a time slice back to the operating system.

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