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OSLIB is the work of many people, I simply maintain it. Special thanks go
to (in no special order):

   Sz.l Viktor     - For YIELD.ASM
   Wim Kok         - Testing, ideas.
   Ted Means       - Public domain code from the NF lib.
   Mark Adams      - Testing. Web space on acemake.com.
   Ralf Brown      - If you don't know why, you don't code much. :-)
   Phil Barnett    - For The Oasis (http://www.iag.net/~philb/)
   Don Anderson    - Jokes.
   Phil McGuinness - For telling Don his jokes are funny.
   Bernd Schler    - For spotting the clipboard non-closing bug.

Thanks also go to all the other people who emailed me about OSLib and
thanks go to all the other people who hang out in comp.lang.clipper.

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