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Welcome to OSLIB.

This little library is a loose collection of functions for allowing a
Clipper program to interact with the host OS and to find out details about
that OS.

Some of the functions are my own work, others are taken from public domain
sources or have been donated for public use. I make no claims over the source,
and it is placed in the public domain in the hope that this collection will
be of use to someone.

Keep in mind that this code comes with NO WARRANTY! You use it at your own
risk. If you don't like this idea, don't use it.

Please note that a couple of the functions require the CPMI library because
they need to do different things if your application is linked for
protected mode. To make things easy I've included a copy of the CPMI
library. Please ensure that you link it in if you are using one of the
functions that needs it (the docs for the functions will say if they
need it).

The primary sites for this library are:

        Hagbard's World: http://www.acemake.com/hagbard/
        Hagbard's World: http://www.hagbard.demon.co.uk/


              The Oasis: http://www.iag.net/~philb/

If you have any problems or questions please address them to:


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