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I sometimes receive emails from Clipper programmers asking for help and advice with various problems, I don't mind this and quite often it is a pleasant experience conversing with these people. However, as pleasant as it is it isn't always the best method of getting a solution to your problem or an answer to your question. Moreover, I've not coded in Clipper, in an active way, since 2000 — there's a good chance I'm not as much help these days as you might think. So, if you are thinking of emailing me with a question or a problem ask yourself if you've already exhausted the following resources:

  1. The CA-Clipper FAQ

    Most of the most commonly asked question about Clipper and Clipper programming are covered in this document. Well worth a read no matter what your problem is.

  2. The comp.lang.clipper VFAQ

    Some of the very commonly asked questions about Clipper and Clipper programming are covered in this document.

  3. Google Groups

    If you didn't find help in the FAQ it is then time to consider using the usenet group comp.lang.clipper. However, before you post a question (don't forget, it is always a good idea to read a group for a couple of weeks before you post) check to see if it has been covered in the past. How? Google Groups is how. Pop over there, tell it you want to search in comp.lang.clipper and give it some keywords dealing with your question. Chances are you'll find your answer.

  4. comp.lang.clipper

    If, after having checked the FAQ and then having checked Google, you are still no closer to getting an answer to your question you should then try comp.lang.clipper. This Usenet group is frequented by many Clipper programmers from all over the world, all (mostly) eager to help a fellow Clipper-head who has done their homework (see above).

    By the way, sometimes, when I make the above suggestion, the questioner will email me back to ask how they can get connected to the above Usenet group. Trust me, I can't answer that question, only your ISP and/or sysadmin can answer that, I don't know anything about your internet connection.

So, am I saying that no Clipper questions are welcome in email? No, they are always welcome, what I'm saying is that you won't necessarly get the best answer, sometimes you might never get an answer. This is why I suggest you exhaust the above resources first. email might seem quicker and delaing with just one person may appear to be preferable but how do you know I'm going to read my email for the next week and, while it is flattering that people would trust my answers, you'll do a lot better with the combined answers from somewhere like comp.lang.clipper.

One more small point, if you still feel the need to email a question to me please note that you stand a far greater chance of getting a reply if:

  1. It is written in English.

    Sorry, but I only speak English.

  2. It is in plain text.

    HTML is for web pages, not for email. I get quite a lot of emails from people that are formatted in HTML and I mostly discard them unread.

  3. It fully explains the problem.

    You wouldn't believe the number of times I've had messages that say things like "my Clipper application falls over, why?". Sorry, but my PsiCorp application was rejected.....

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