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This page serves as a general dumping ground for selected photographs taken with my Canon EOS 400D, Canon PowerShot G9, Lomo Lubitel 166B or Olympus FE-115 (you'll even find some photos taken with my Google Phone). The contents here are generally a subset of what appears in my Flickr account so be sure to have a look over there too. I also have a site dedicated to pictures of Lincolnshire.

Fence Shadow His Desk Forgotten Things Barrier Impossible Self Portrait Sleaford Trees RAF Waddington 2011 I Had No Idea More Turmoil Six Views of Spring Still Looking Light on Old Carpet Impossible Experiment Long Itchington Clouds Ricoh 500G at Grimsthorpe Castle Ricoh 500G at Waddington Holga at Grimsthorpe Castle Roadside Attractions RAF Waddington 2010 Round the Back Born to Inspire Birthorpe Walk - 2010-05-03 Diana+ at Aswarby Sleaford - 2010-04-10 Everything Must Go Rushing Towards Me Fisheye Walk - 2010-05-03 Aswarby Ash Cloud Sunset Walk 2010-04-04

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