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This page serves as a general dumping ground for selected photographs taken with my Canon EOS 400D, Canon PowerShot G9, Lomo Lubitel 166B or Olympus FE-115 (you'll even find some photos taken with my Google Phone). The contents here are generally a subset of what appears in my Flickr account so be sure to have a look over there too. I also have a site dedicated to pictures of Lincolnshire.

Last Showing Diana+ Fisheye Test Diana+ at Rutland Water Diana Sunset Diana+ in Skegness Walk to Birthorpe - 2010-02-20 Diana+ in Boston Diana+ In Bourne - 2009-12-05 Diana+ In Bourne - 2009-11-07 Rutland Water - 2009-12-31 Winceby Sunset Skegness 2009-12-28 Lost Scarf Broken But Still Useful Boston - 2009-12-06 War Without End Lomography Diana+ Test Nothing Ever Changes Some Days Are Like That Bourne - 2009-10-10 Looking For Evidence - 2009-10-04 South From Stow Lane Below the Wire Holga at Wheelgate Park Holga in Bourne Wood Holga on Stow Lane Holga Near Billingborough - 2009-08-15 Birthorpe - 2009-09-12 Wheelgate Park Bourne Wood - 2009-08-30

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