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I've been an Emacs user -- sometimes more and sometimes less -- since around 1994 or 1995. I started on OS/2 of all places, and have used it on platforms such as MS-DOS, Windows, GNU/Linux and mostly these days on macOS. In that time I've come to enjoy the fact that I can use Emacs Lisp to extend the environment for my own needs.

Originally this site had a list of Emacs Lisp packages I'd written, but that list is too long to maintain now, really it's far easier for me to link to all of the repositories I have on GitHub.


For anyone who is interested, I do keep my Emacs configuration in a public repository. While I wouldn't recommend just running with mine, I've found reading that of others over the years helpful in some ways, so I offer mine in the hope it's of similar benefit to someone.

Packages in Emacs

Originally I had two packages that were part of Emacs itself. Recently one of them (quite rightly) got retired; thankfully though you'll find one of my first ever non-trivial packages till living under the Tools >> Games menu.