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Miscellaneous Stuff


Gathered here is a collection of miscellaneous stuff that's been on this site since I first created it back in 2001, and which, while I doubt it would be useful to anyone any more (really, if I have anything that is useful to anyone it's likely on my GitHub account), it seems to make sense to maintain the URL and location.


garble-track-plot is a small shell script I used to use on my GNU/Linux box that would let me make quick and dirty plots of tracks I'd recorded on and downloaded (using garble) from my Garmin GPS unit; and I don't mean a GPS unit like we know and love today, I'm talking a small hand-held brick, with no maps or anything fancy like that, just a monochrome LCD display.

The script took the data, did unspeakable things to it with sed, and then blasted it through gnuplot to draw out a track.

m_palm for LBDB

m_palm is an add-on module for the Little Brother's Database. It gives access to Palm address book data, pulling out all the people it can find with email addresses.

m_palm is part of LBDB.



BahaiCalendar.pas is some Delphi code I wrote for a friend who is working on a Baha'i calender program. The core of the code is based on the Baha'i calendar chapter of Calendrical Calculations (a book that should be on the bookshelf of all programmers).

Please note that the authors of the book have requested that anyone wishing to make "commercial use" of the code should seek their permission before doing so. If you want to use BahaiCalendar.pas you can assume that you've already got my permission (a credit in your application would be nice, but that's up to you) but you must decide if you need to seek permission off the authors of Calendrical Calculations. If in doubt, drop them a line.



I wrote dict.rb as an exercise in getting to know ruby. It contains a set of RFC2229 (dictd) client classes and will also act as a dict client command.

Vamage - Visual Damage Manager for FS2K2

Vamage is a simple utility that lets you easily add the visual damage flag to aircraft in your installed copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator2002.

Vamage is written in Borland Delphi, is released under the GPL and, accordingly, comes with full source code.

Note that Vamage also works with FS2004.

Mandelbrot Set Plotter in OCaml


mandeldraw is the result of my first ever play with OCaml. As such I don't offer it as a good example of good OCaml coding, I only offer it as something someone might want to play with and, perhaps, provide feedback about.

rollavg - Utility to calculate a rolling average


rollavg is a bit of ruby code that I knocked up when I needed to calculate the rolling average of a column of figures in a text file.

extlogkeywords - Report on search keywords found in web log files


extlogkeywords is a simple command line tool that extracts search keywords from web log files and produces different types of reports based on what it finds. It doesn't aim to be any better than the other tools that can be downloaded out on the web, it just happens that I fancied hacking up something of my own for fun.

The most interesting/pointless feature is its ability to produce data that can be fed to GraphViz.